El Houssaine Kili

Houssaine KiliEl Houssaine Kili is always on the road, guided by an inner pendulum swinging between memories of Morocco and day dreams of a German musical experience. And just as we derive strength and energy from dreams of holidays and of a better world, Kili draws his creative powers from his own Moroccan background. Right in the center of Kassel. Musicians from various countries and friends of his come there on visit from Morocco - their bags full of silver jewelry, spices and a an assortment of cassettes - all directly from the bazaars of Marrakech, Agadir or Casablanca. Little plastic bags full of yellow, red or brown powder, full of cinnamon, raselhanout, saffron and harissa are quickly untied and in no time the sense of smell is submerged into the well familiar wafts of home. By closing the eyes the scents of the bazaars are augmented and smell like fond memories that, like some pop-songs, bring the wildest experiences of our youth back to life again. In the visitors' bags are also a variety of musical tapes to be found, from bands who have gained renown in Morocco, but will probably never be heard of here - a type of music, as if from another galaxy, that is far too foreign and unfamiliar to be listened to or appreciated here.

CD 'Safran'
CD 'Mountain to Mohamed'