Jun Miyake

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Jun Miyake - Mondo Erotica!A student of Terumasa Hinu and a graduate of the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Jun Miyake began his career as a jazz musician. His musical artistry uniquely fills a blind spot in modern music, putting him in great demand as a composer of music used in commercials.

His work quickly became so popular that, at one point, he found himself writing music for more than 200 commercials a year for clients that included Sony, Mercedes Benz, Coca Cola, Honda, Nikon, BMW, Panasonic, Minolta and 7up, among others. His ability to blend the most seemingly disparate elements of music (reggae backbeats behind a spaghetti Western theme, samba and avant-garde jazz, Caribbean island with old time radio sounds, traditional Japanese tunes and rock and pop) garnered him Clio, Dentsu Advertising, Cannes International Advertising and Film Festival awards, among others.

Jun Miyake - Innocent Bossa In The MirrorIn addition to composing for television and film, Jun has been a very influential jazz musician/trumpeter in and around the Tokyo jazz scene, has released twelve albums, appeared as a guest soloist on Jean-Michel Jarre's "Revolutions" and Peter Scherer's "Very Neon Pet" as well as on Seigen Ono CDs and served as producer for numerous artists. His album "Entropathy," which he co-produced with Hal Willner, received very favourable response including a review in Slakk which gushed: "like reading Thomas Pynchon with your ears... Beside this, John Cage's emancipation of noise sounds like a polite little art-school exercise in smugness." Other albums include "Latinism Reversible" and "angels rondo" which features works written for artist Takayuki Terakado's latest exhibition in Japan.

Jun Miyake has performed the Montreux Jazz Festival as soloist for Seigen Ono Ensemble in 1994. In 2000 he played an improvised session with Philippe Decoufle and his dance company in Kyoto and Paris. He arranged the music for Robert Wilsons theatre play "The White town" in october 2002 in Kopenhagen.

Since 2001 Tropical Music has released the musical trilogy "Mondo Erotica!", "Innocent Bossa in the Mirror" and "Glam Exotica" in Europe on the Nektar-Label. In November 2003 Jun Miyake will come to Europe for the first time in order to perform his own repertoire at the Jazzfest in Berlin, where he will also work as a co-director for the japanese part of the programme.

CD Glam Exotica
CD Innocent Bossa in the Mirror
CD Mondo Erotica

Jun Miyake - Mondo Erotica!