"SongLine is perhaps the most interesting and startling mix of music cultures to emerge from "down-under". The group embraces the rich vocal and musical traditions of diverse peoples, among which are the aboriginal people of indigenous Australia, the Mediterranean, Scotland, India and Asia. SongLine's strength lies in it's ability to meld together the sonorities of a multitude of regions and folk musics, creating an unmistakable sound and a unique and unprecedented musical language. The haunting and timeless melodies of aboriginal northern Australia weave through an exciting, multi-ethnical music that takes the listener on a rare musical voyage."

Phil Drummy was born in Melbourne (Australia) in 1968. He studied music at the Victorian College of Arts. After finishing his studies, he immediately found several artists, ripe in experience, who believed in his expressive capacities. Among these artists we find: the Blood Sweeat n‘ Tears, Dizzy Gillespie, Randy Crowford, Sting and David Lee Roth. In 1990 he started his first European Tour with his group Kayara Sun. The Tour lasted altogether 4 years and included also Russia, Siberia, Balcanic Republic and Asia. Afterwards he moved to Italy, where he started his career with the P.F.M, Antonella Ruggero and Eugenio Finardi, with whom he is still collaborating. During the italian period he participated to the Festival Bar and several TV programs. Phil Drummy is an eclectic poly-instrumentalist, who is capable of changing from the saxophone (and from every sort of flute and percussion) to the bagpipe with the greatest ease. Furthermore he is an experienced connaisseur of the aboriginal culture and he is leading several workshops and seminars about the professional study of didjeridoo. He also co-operate with the major representatives of the aboriginal music. At present he is engaged in several world Tours.

George Grifsas born Australia Rennmark 1964 greek parents. Was performing greek music at 10 and completed musical studies at Adelaide University. Worked in theatre TV and Radio as composer and musician in Australia and Pacific Asia. In 1990 transfers to Europe and the UK performing in festivals and working in studios and theatre events. He has held workshops and seminars on traditional Greek music throughout Europe and America and is co-founder of Heartland - a culmination of a life-long passion for world music.

Grifsas has been playing up a storm around Adelaide´s jazz venues since returning from an eight- year stint in Europe, where he performed at festivals, theatres and clubs in Germany, the U-K, Italy, Holland and Russia. Grifsas is recognised as one of Adelaide´s hottest jazz talents. Well known jazz authority Tony Bretherick likens George´s driving guitar style to the great Barney Kessell. "He´s quite brilliant" says Bretherick. "With a repertoire that bridges jazz and blues, you don´t need to be a jazz fanatic to appreciate his mastery of the instrument."

Rrurrambu "George" Burarrawanga is a pioneer of Australian indigenous music and sings in the Gumatja language, which belongs to his clan family "Burarrawanga". His home is Elcho Island, an island off the coast of Arnhem Land in north-east Australia. Rrurrambu is one of Australia's leading song-men and performers, and is an inspiration and cultural identity for the Australian indigenous aboriginal people, both young and old. He belongs to the Yirritja moiety, and his totem is the crocodile. His name means "where sweet and salt water meet".
Since birth, he has absorbed the songs and traditions of his people, and his vocal style has been shaped by the characteristic melodies sung in his homeland, particularly by the women.

Waggan Yuulunbrrgn belongs to the south-eastern Koori people, speaking the Wiradjuri language.

Barama belongs to the central Australian Pitjantjatjara people.
The Wirrapunda family have their origins in the top end of Australia, and live currently in southern Victoria, land belonging traditionally to the Koori people.