Divino Samba

CD 68.804

A compilation of the works by one of the most
influential sambistas: Cartola - Divino Samba

Cartola - Divino SambaIn 1974, at the age of 66, Cartola was allowed to record his very first long-play record. The not so well known record label Marcus Perreira, which had previously made somewhat of a name for itself with recordings of country foklore, had come up with the idea, and released a second album in 1976.

Although Perreira might have only had the minimum of recording equipment at his disposal, it definitely engaged the cream of Rio's instrumentalists. From Baden Powells former guitar teacher Meira to the legendary Samba percussionist Marcal all the best ingredients were available to put together a tasty compilation of Samba and Choro Rios.

Up until his death Cartola released 4 albums. He can also be heard on a Mangueira compilation released by EMI and posthumously on a Hommage-album released at the state Funarte.

Our collection Cartola - Divino Samba is the product of both Marcus Perreira albums/CDs and the two LPs released by what was then called RCA, which until now have not been re-released on CD.

More info on Cartola (portrait and biography)