CD 68.817

Songline - Desert RainbowAs co- founders of SongLine, we have shared a musical history of more than ten years, and a passion for bringing together musicians of diverse backgrounds and making music.

Each of the songs on this album carries a spirit which is directly connected to a specific place, or places. While some of these places- and their inhabitants- are separated by great distances, they have nonetheless always been connected by something mightier than any of mankind's inventions. Now, even considering our actual capability to reach any corner of the globe within a matter of hours, we haven't seemed to reduce the other apparently less-physical barriers that constantly divide our planet.
The recording of "Desert Rainbow", while being a uniquely positive personal experience for many reasons, has provided us with a constant reminder of how vital it is for each one of us to change this for the better, no matter how small the contribution seems.

We want to particularly acknowledge and thank the indigenous Australian aboriginal people who have supported us and assisted in the making of this recording. The countless miles travelled and all which that entails... the surprises and disappointments, and the sentiments which stretch way beyond the moment of making music, are the things that lie between the actual notes on this disk . We hope you will be able to absorb and enjoy them too. As much as we have.

Phil and George

"An essential album for fans of aboriginal Australian/Fusion music" about.com