"Deko Boko"
Cicala Mvta

CD 68.822

Cicala Mvta - Deko BokoThe mixtures on „Deko Boko“ are more radical than ever, and the tunes self penned by Ohkuma and arranged by the group. Both traditional chindon and the retro-futuristic sound of Cicala Mvta are an entirely natural combination of the old and new, the east with the west. Wataru Ohkuma says about the title of the album: „Deko-Boko means convex-concave or up and down. For me every thing is like this. The world is dekoboko! Sustaining up or down is difficult except through the world of the lens.“

As an „unmilitarized“ street music, chindon is related to Jewish Klezmer music, New Orleans brass bands and wind and percussion ensembles from China and south east Asia. Ohkuma is as keen to embrace these influences in the music of Cicala Mvta. Ohkuma's other disparate influences help give Cicala Mvta their own distinctive sound.

These he cites as progressive rock, punk, avant-garde jazz, early modem music (such as Bartok) and folk. Only occasionally featuring the chindon drum, Ohkuma's perky clarinet is ably abetted by an unusual line-up of musicians, each bringing with them a sense of individuality to supplement Ohkuma's clarinet and saxophone, in what is a totally original line-up: fluid, distorted electric guitar, rip-roaring, booming tuba, squeaking, screeching cello, frantic, discordant fiddle, and tinny, shuffling drums (guest: Samm Bennet).

Deko Boko is a startling musical revelation for listeners looking to stretch their aural horizons"
Global Rhythm

"An excellent album, and one brass music fans will certainly enjoy."

"It's a wild ride but one well worth taking!"
Dirty Linen

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