Francisco Zumaqué

CD 68.982

Francisco Zumaqu³ - CumbialmaFrancisco Zumaqué’s new masterpiece

With Cumbialma Francisco Zumaqué returns to his roots in his native country Colombia where the cumbia is the most popular expression of a multicultural heritage of African, European and Indian mixes. Years ago Francisco Zumaqué had given birth to a modern groove of that traditional cumbia which he called Macumbia. When Francisco left Colombia to North America and Europe Caribbean music and salsa became also part of this concept which was successfully realized with the albums 'Baila Caribe Baila' and 'Voces Caribes', while the album 'Rituales' made the two sides of Zumaqué audible: the popular and the classical.

Recorded in the largest Latin communities in the US (Miami and New York) and finally in Bogotá, Cumbialma unites as well the spirits (almas) of musicians from various Latinamerican countries as well as Northamerican musicians. It was the idea of this album to record over an unlimited period at places where Zumaqué would go to, over some years whenever he had settled there for a certain while and had put together arrangements and musicians.

Cumbialma means the soul of cumbia and cumbia has various meanings in between Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Colombia. It ranges from the folkloristic dance circles with candles to Spanish rap tunes. Cumbia is a synonym for a large family of songs and dances all over Colombia of which you will find some rhythms on the album.

Cumbialma means also the soul of Francisco Zumaqué and this magic had accompanied him on all his ways between old and new world . You are invited to join him on a new trip from New York to Miami and to Bogotá. Home.

Claus Schreiner

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