Live & Unplugged

CD 68.991

George Dalaras - Live & Unplugged
During the last European Tour 1995, the concert of George Dalaras in the "Alte Oper", Frankfurt was recorded.

The CD "Live & Unplugged" presents 74 minutes of highlights from this concert ! Especially for this concert, a musical meeting with the greek musician Alexandros Karozas, living in Frankfurt, and the black singer Joan Faulkner, was arranged.In the concert, no amplifiers were used and for the recording, only microphones were used, so the sound was real, unplugged !The program is a beautiful compilation of Dalaras´ greatest songs. During his european tour in 1998 Dalaras performed in Hamburg, Berlin, Rotterdam, Paris, Bruxelles and London.

George Dalaras (Arrangements, Vocals, Guitars, Bouzouki, Dzoura, Baglama, Oud)
Anastasia Moutsatsou (Vocals)
Kostas Ganoselis (Grand Piano)
Makis Mavropoulos (Bouzouki)
Manolis Karandinis (Bouzouki, Dzoura & Oud)
Heracles Vamvatsikas (Accordeon)
Phillipos Tsemperoulis (Flute, Saxophone & Clarinet, Caval & Ney)
Thanasis Sofras (Double Bass)
Christos Zervas (Guitars & Baglama, Laouto & Oud)
Andreas Pappas (Percussion)
Nektarios Vassiliou (Percussion)

Joan Falkner (Vocals - 18/19)
Alexandros Karozas (Arrangements & Bouzouki, Voices & Gentle Wooden Horse - Periplanisi)
Shankar Lai (Indian Tablas)

Produced by Alexandros Karozas

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