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Update 25.10.2009

Mercedes Sosa I Lippmann+Rau



Mercedes Sosa died in Buenos Aires

Mercedes Sosa was one of the most important artists of South America.  "La Voz de la América Latina", "La Negra", "La Tucumana" died on october 4th in Buenos Aires at the age of 74 after suffering from a long illness.
For more than ten years Tropical Music was the label of Mercedes Sosa in Europe. Tropical Music started its work as a record label with the release of "Live in Argentina" in 1983, which was the first album ever released in Germany. In the following years more albums like La Negra, Live in Europe, Sino and otheres were released. Together with the shows organised by Karsten Jahnke, these releases made the success of Mercedes Sosa in Europe possible. On recommendation of Tropical Music Mercedes Sosa was honoured with the "Bundesverdienstkreuz" - one of the highest German decorations for civil persons.
Claus Schreiner, director of Tropical Music: "Without Mercedes Sosa - her fantastic voice, her social and political activities, her friendly relation to our label, the economic success of her records - we would not have been able to realize our programme since 1983. Here success helped us to develop a lot of artists from South America and Africa."

Early this year Tropical Music released the DVD series "Legends of the famous Lippmann & Rau Festivals", which includes the recording of a German TV show presenting the first concert of Mercedes Sosa in Germany in 1967 with  "Musica Folklorica Argentina" produced by Horst Lipmmann and Fritz Rau.

Watch this clip from the concert:



German Critics Award for "Legends of the famous Lippmann+Rau Festivals"

We are very proud to announce that our DVD-Edition "Legends of the famous Lippmann+Rau Festivals" received the German Critics Award in the category "DVD-Video-Productions". Here are some statements from the media about the three-piece DVD-edition:

The quality of the restoration is faultless, crisp monochrome images allowing every detail to shine. Each DVD is presented in a fold-out package with an accompanying integral 52-page booklet, offering insightful notes supported by vintage graphics and full details of every performance. The DVDs are very navigable, especially from a desktop hard drive, are currently offered for about 25 pounds each, and are worth every last pfennig.

Dans l'ensemble, images et son sont très honorables. Il sera difficile aux amateurs de blues de se passer de ce formidable volume 3. Mais le volume 2 séduira aussi ceux quiont des gouts plus éclectiques.
Soul Bag

A collection of DVDs under the banner of Legends of the famous ‘Lippman + Rau Festivals’ may not ring any bells for the casual country music fan, but for those with a eye to the historic, a rough gem awaits!
Cowboys in Cyberspace / Australia

An excellent DVD with crisp images and fine camera work... The DVD is beautifully presented, with a 53 page booklet. Sound and picture quality are excellent, and a chapter listing allows access to any chosen track. All that, and Little Walter too. Simply essential.
Juke Blues Magazine

All three full-length programs are indispensable — and extensive, lavishly illustrated liner notes make the set even more alluring. Pick  it up, sit back, and revel in ultra-rare footage guaranteed to blow  your mind.
Blues Revue

This is not just an historic piece of film documentation; it's a great two and a half hours of your favourite music played by some legendary artists. I loved it and you will too!

All in all, this set shows the range of talent that could be assembled when blues giants still walked the earth.
Sing Out

Cela dit, quant on voit ces images, qu'on se plonge dans le son des années d'or de ce blues joué par les plus grands et qu'on découvre ce nouveau livret réalisé avec moins autant d'application, de belles photos et de passion que les précedents, on doit avant tout se réjouir que cela existe, tout simplement.
ABS Magazine

Un trittico affascinante.
Il Blues

DVD 1 Legends of Folklore Argentino, Flamenco and Música do Brasil
DVD 2 Legends of Spiritual & Gospel and Folk & Country
DVD 3 Legends of the American Folk Blues Festivals

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