"Mondo Erotica!"
Jun Miyake

CD 68.820

Jun Miyake - Mondo Erotica!The ten tracks of "Mondo Erotica!" open a wide acoustic universe of bubbling sythesizers, indian Tablas, jazzy horns, french lyrics and cheesy strings to name just a few elements of Jun Miyakes music. Like often encountered in modern japanese music, one finds in "Mondo Erotica!" a combination of sounds that seems impossible, but which fits very well. As a composer for commercials Miyake has developed an open mind for sounds, choosing them according to the needs of his customers. The mainly french texts talk about erotic dreams "Mes mains cheminent sur tes rondeurs...hun...hun" and they show the variety of tender and also wild and weird erotic realities "Ma cage équippée il en a la clé Ooo Oooo....". The french language is an element of its own, as it is an erotic clichee par excellence between Moulin Rouge, Brigitte Bardot, Marquis de Sade and Haute Couture. The compositions breath a pleasant lushness far away from any embarassment. You can listen to this music in the evening hanging out in a bar and also while making love. Jun Miyake tantric soundscapes are like an acoustic 50 minutes long commercial for sensuality and the Eros.

Track nr. 9 Endure shows the great talent of Miyake as a trumpet-player, like in track nr.7 Elfin where he accompanies on his flugelhorn an imaginary voice. This voice reminds a bit the first record of Enigma, which put gregorian chants in relation to erotical lyrics. Miyake combines the two worlds of the sacred and the erotic in his adaptation of Franz Schuberts Ave Maria in track nr.10 by interpretating this famous composition on the Fender Rhodes electric piano...Also track nr.2 Flesh for Eve combines monks quoirs, harps and fugelhorn with an etherical female voice, but the best description of "Mondo Erotica!" is perhaps track nr.3 Sus-pecte as it is the acoustic transformation of a deep kiss where a male and female voice soar between soft strings, a distorted electric guitar and heartbeatlike samples.

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